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Remuneration, compensation and compatibility

Senior management remuneration and compensation

Under Act 5/2006, of 10 April, regulating conflicts of interest of members of the Government and Senior Officials of the General State Administration, the only senior official who is also the highest-ranking manager at the company is the Chairman.

His remuneration is regulated by Royal Decree 451/2012, of 5 March, which includes the remuneration system for senior managers and directors in the public business sector and other organisations, and by the Order implementing it from the Ministry of Finance and Public Authorities of 30 March 2012.

The gross annual remuneration received in 2018 by the Chairman of Correos was 67,508.14 euros, corresponding to the period from 20 July, the date he joined the company, to 31 December. Also, the previous Chairman of the company received gross remuneration of 132,618.32 euros from 1 January to 20 July 2018, the date on which he left the company.

During 2018, the previous Chairman received severance pay of 24,615.86 euros


Incompatibilities are regulated under Act 53/1984, of 26 December, on incompatibilities for Staff at the Service of Public Authorities, and under Royal Decree 598/1985, of 30 April, on incompatibilities for Staff at the Service of the State Administration, Social Security and subsidiary Entities, Bodies and Enterprises.

Information on compatibility resolutions can be found on the Transparency Portal of the General State Administration: