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About Correos

  • Correos Group

    We have managed to be the best provider of physical, digital and parcel communications in Spain working with efficiency, quality and sustainability.

  • Transparency

    Access to all information about our economic and financial management, quality results achieved in the provision of universal postal service and corporate information.

  • People and talent

    We bet on the training of young people through the Jóvenes Talentos (Young Talents) program. Our program serves as a professional shuttle …

  • Press Room

    All the news related to the activity of the company since 2018, press dossier and multimedia archive.

  • Sustainability

    As a public service company, Correos strives to create a positive social impact with its activities, supporting the economic development of Spanish businesses and promoting entrepreneurship and innovation.

  • Contracting Profile

    All the information about contracts and tender announcements of Correos Group, can be found at Public Sector Contracting Platform.